Issue Summary

Pharmacokinetics, the study of how a substance moves through the body from entry to exit, and pharmacodynamics, an examination of what a substance does inside the body, are vital to establishing the safety and efficacy of an ingredient. Despite anecdotal evidence supporting the potential benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), additional research is needed to verify CBD’s therapeutic efficacy, charting a course toward regulatory approval.

Editor's Take

Oral administration of therapeutics is typically favored by healthcare providers and patients due to its convenience and ease. Although most CBD research has indicated poor bioavailability, preliminary pharmacokinetic studies of CBD prepared with proprietary nanotechnology has yielded optimistic results.

  • Pharmacokinetic studies precede human clinical trials and help determine dose and dosing schedule.
  • CBD activates several receptors that result in pain relief and desirable anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Studies will help validate formulations that move more CBD from the mouth into the bloodstream.