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A nutraceutical approach to cannabidiol

A Nutraceutical Approach

Industrial hemp has a rich history of global use, dating back millennia for its reputed therapeutic and analgesic effects; to Colonial America's utilitarian adaptations in clothing, rope, paper and textiles; to modern applications in functional nutrition. Derived from the hemp plant, cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining attention as a growing number of scientists and nutritional professionals explore the potential of CBD for promoting well-being and overall health.

The CBD Briefing Center, sponsored by HYGIA Nutrients and brought to you by SupplySide, is a content site focused on the nutraceutical market for CBD. Examining issues such as bioavailability, formulation, delivery format, regulatory matters, nutritional science, market trends and product development, it will keep you on the leading edge of this exciting botanical.

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U.S. Landscape for Legal Sale of CBD, as Ingredient or Finished Product

The industry is on uncertain ground regarding the U.S. manufacture, sale and distribution of cannabidiol (CBD) as a dietary ingredient in a dietary supplement or as a finished dietary supplement product. CBD is subject to federal statutes and regulations, some of which are implemented and enforced by FDA and others by DEA. State statutes and regulations also come into play. Companies involved with CBD must stay abreast of the regulatory climate as the market develops.


The Last 25 Years in Hemp

Hemp was brought to Colonial America more than 300 years ago, and quickly became an important agricultural commodity, particularly in textile manufacturing. However, regulatory ambiguity in the last few decades hampered entrepreneurial endeavors, which branched into areas such as food, beverage, cosmetics and dietary supplements. Selective breeding and published scientific reports are emerging that support the potential value of hemp derivative cannabidiol (CBD). However, legal barriers need to be addressed to enable more research and commerce.



Solubility Issues With Cannabidiol High bioavailability—the proportion of a substance accessible to confer a benefit in the body—is paramount when formulating therapeutics. Early research indicates cannabidiol (CBD) may offer many potential health applications; however, its tradition of limited bioavailability has slowed the discovery process. In this video, Mark J. Rosenfeld, M.S., Ph.D., president, CEO & chief science officer of ANANDA Scientific, details how CBD may overcome solubility challenges.